...You are landing the interview, but not the job which leaves you wondering what you might be doing wrong. You know you can do the work (and be a rock star at it), but employers are just not getting you and what you bring. 

...You haven't interviewed in forever and the thought of stepping into an interview feels completely overwhelming. 

...Your nerves often get the best of you. You know you have a lot to offer and stories to tell, but the minute you step into an interview, your mind goes blank and your thoughts seem scattered. 

...You know that you should negotiate, but honestly, you don't know where to start. 

It goes without saying that interviews come with a huge amount of pressure to perform, given the massive impact a new job can have on your mental, emotional, and economic well-being.

With so much at stake, you want to come into your next interview, ready to clearly communicate your unique value along with the specific skills, experience, and education that relate to the job.  

Stand Out to Land Your Next Job


That's where I come in. I'm your partner in the interview process. We work together to: 

  • Identify the questions where you may be giving incomplete or ineffective information.

  • Articulate your stories and strengths with confidence.

  • Strategize on responses to difficult questions like "What are your salary expectations?"

  • Pinpoint subtle changes you can make to body language, tone, or demeanor.

  • Gain customized tools and strategies to overcome your challenges

Interview coaching that works

Let me help you find your voice in the interview process. You know you can do the job - let's make sure that an employer can see that value, too. 

Quick Fix
Interview Essentials
Interview Mastery
Got a short timeframe or just a few questions? Polish up your interview know-how and get the answers you need.
You're ready to invest in your skills so that you are fully ready for whatever comes your way in your next interview.
You know that learning to interview well is a skill and you're committed to investing that time to ensure that you shine in your next interview.
  45 Min Coaching Call

  Interview Success Guide

  1-Hour Question Strategy Coaching Call

  1-Hour Face-to-Face or Video Practice Interview

  Interview Success Guide

  Bonus: Upload up to 7 recorded interview responses for review

  1-Hour Question Strategy Coaching Call

  Two 1-Hour Face-to-Face or Video Practice Interviews

  Thank You Note Editing Support

  Interview Success Guide

  Bonus: Upload up to 7 recorded interview responses for review








What is a question strategy coaching call? In the first session, we review how to answer some of the more difficult interview questions and then strategize together to craft powerful answers. (and bonus, I take notes so you don't have to.) 

Why is the question strategy coaching call done over the phone? This session is conducted over the phone as it’s important for me to assess how you would do in a phone screening interview.

Where do you do your face-to-face practice interviews? The practice interview is conducted at my Burnaby office near Production SkyTrain or via Skype.

What do you mean uploading recorded interview questions? Between sessions, you will have the option of recording and uploading video or audio files of you answering some of your more challenging questions. I set up a shared folder and then I will review and provide feedback. 

What is the Interview Success Guide? This customized guide summarizes strategies and tools to answer many different types of interview questions. You can also provide a customized list of questions that you want to work on.

If you need specific support on your interview skills outside of my standard interview packages, please let me know and we can discuss what can be done to meet your needs.

For more information, call/ text me at 604-614-3155 or email me at